We understand that not everyone has a clear vision of what their next video project should be. Our producers will collaborate with you about project details like production locations, on-camera talent, voice over talent, the use of graphics, animation, photographs or pre-existing assets, the script, the production timeline and expectations. We will acquire brand materials from your organization and begin to create a storyboard. Location scouting is sometimes necessary to be sure the location aids in the storytelling process. We are intentional about the details and love this step in the process because it gives us a chance to get to know you.


Video production doesn’t have to be cumbersome. We invest in equipment that is high-quality, unobtrusive, and can handle both in-studio and on-location filming. Our team uses professional 4K cameras plus all the audio, lighting and other gear necessary to get the perfect shot. Post Script filmmakers are educated creatives with years of experience, friendly personalities, and a strong work ethic.


Our experienced editors and animators combine creativity and technical skill when piecing together the final product. Whether we are editing a simple interview or creating an animated piece from scratch, we pay attention to every detail and deliver the final product on time, consulting with you along the way. All of your footage and branding materials will be organized, captured and backed up.


We have the ability to deliver your finished product in many formats – all of which will be discussed during the pre-production process. Whether the final video is being used internally or externally, we will deliver it to you so you can begin using it immediately.