Client Highlight | United Mine Workers of America Career Centers (UMWACC)

The United Mine Workers of America Career Center has a serious task: training future miners on life-saving safety procedures. They needed a video production partner to take on the task of elevating their training materials. They partnered with our team on a series of 10-15 minute videos that reimagined training with storytelling and visuals to make it more illustrative and engaging. And we included a version in Spanish to make the content more accessible to their workforce.

Here’s how we navigated complex technical topics to craft essential training videos. We are grateful for the opportunity to partner with their team to help communicate their essential messages!

United Mine Workers of America Career Centers (UMWACC)

  • Founded in 1996
  • Client base in rural Appalachia
  • Split focus:
    1) training incoming coal miners through simulations and
    2) training displaced coal miners in need of non-mining jobs
  • Provide outreach for miners’ families
  • Supported by state and federal grants

Challenges & Solutions 

  • UMWACC was seeking a video/photo-focused partner to transition their safety training materials to a more illustrative format.
    • Condense and translate scattered materials (documents, images, PowerPoints) into more detailed, polished, and engaging video scripts.
  • Recruiting an outside partner who can understand complex mining safety procedures is difficult, making outsourcing these niche training materials a challenge.
    • Dive into UMWACC’s world and learn its ins and outs to become an extension of the internal team, communicating technical aspects to audiences in a clear and concise way.
  • UMWACC needed someone who could tackle the creative and technical safety aspects of crafting training videos. Educational materials need to be accurate while holding the viewer’s attention.
    • Bridge the gap between education and storytelling, crafting content that engages trainees and makes essential, life-saving information memorable.
  • Conducting mining safety simulations is laborious; filming errors could present complications and would be difficult to rectify later.
    • Provide professional videographers who can make smart judgment calls on what to capture in high-pressure moments and how to do so efficiently on-site.

Client Success Story:
Preparing for Effective Mine Emergency Response, Drill Exercise Participation, and Mine Rescue Operations
UMWACC was educating future miners on safety procedures using PowerPoint materials. Post Script collaborated with the team to transition and elevate their training for the modern and multi-generational workforce.

 Key Elements

  • Translated scattered technical materials into cohesive 10-15 minute video trainings
  • Crews provided agility and professionalism when filming complex mining simulations
  • Bridged the gap between sharing practical information and storytelling to make safety lessons more clear and memorable
  • Provided polished finished product, with graphics and professional voiceover, to enhance the credibility of materials

Due to the sensitive nature of this project, we are unable to share the final video.