Client Highlight | Duolingo


  • Free language learning app with 500 million users
  • Mission to make acquiring a new language fun and universally accessible
  • More than 40 languages offered (Dutch, Japanese, and Swahili among them)
  • Expanding into math, children’s reading, school curriculums, and other education 
  • 700-plus employees from more than 30 countries
  • Pittsburgh headquarters; also offices in New York, Seattle, Beijing, and Berlin


Challenges & Solutions 

  • Duolingo’s recruiters have found that sourcing their team from the company’s internship program is a really effective method, so it was essential to create marketing tools that help draw the best and brightest students.
    • Post Script developed a long form video for prospective interns that portrayed the intern-to-full-time-job pipeline details with exciting visuals that appealed to Gen Z viewers.

  • The company wanted to overcome the geographic challenge of recruiting to their Pittsburgh headquarters and effectively compete for hires in more traditional hubs like San Francisco and New York. 
    • Our team captured beautiful footage in and around Pittsburgh that shows off the city’s attributes in a cinematic but subtle way, using drone footage and sunset b-roll to show it’s a great place to be.

  • A recruitment team with a high, fast-paced workload needed a creative partner who could quickly pivot as needs arose.
    • Our videographers and producers served with the agility of an internal team, adapting to last-minute schedule changes and providing a teleprompter script so busy staff members didn’t have to memorize important facts and details.
  • Scheduling filming at a busy company required an investment of Duolingo’s resources during National Intern Week; they needed a partner who would give them the most value in return for that time.
    • We were able to deliver footage to craft a six-minute lead video for YouTube, the website, and presentations, as well as a series of 90-second clips to use on social media, stretching one project into multiple pieces of content.

  • Recruitment videos can be notoriously dull. Duolingo needed content that grabbed attention and reflected their playful reputation on social media.
    • Our team conducted authentic interviews with student interns, shot footage during a pivotal week of social events, and captured the interns presentations with the CEO, then applied creative editing to pull it all together dynamically. 


Video 1: Duolingo Internship Program

As a leading tech company, Duolingo relies on their internship program to develop and hire for full-time roles. They wanted to create video content that accurately portrayed all the details of the program in a fresh and fun way that made potential recruits say, “I have to work at Duolingo!”

[Key Elements] 

  • A team of videographers and producers spent a week on-site with Duolingo, working to capture key moments with the CEO and authentic interviews with interns, pivoting quickly depending on the company’s moment-to-moment needs.
  • Drone and sunset footage of Pittsburgh documented Duolingo’s home base beautifully, helping them showcase the city and compete against recruiters in more traditional tech hubs.
  • Scripted content was captured via teleprompter which made filming easy to fit into full-time team members’ schedules and ensured details of the internship program were communicated accurately and concisely.
  • A wide range of creative footage meant delivering value beyond the initial scope, creating a primary video as well as 90-second clips for social media.

Check it out! https://youtu.be/E2ORgdGKJT0?si=xzCr_xfZLDWdiY_2